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forgot to lock this lol

8 months ago

I see 2 weird things in this video, first one is the fact that you started recording around the area you found the farm (weird)

but the second is the fact that the faction had 150 igs. i will have to get a good explanation from l0cal57 on how they're getting igs this fast, but I need an explanation of your mysterious start of recording.


8 months ago

As previously stated in the discord server

Vote rewards!

For the top 3 voters for the month of May we will be offering

10 dollar credit for the store 2 Million Dollars in game

To vote, go in game and type /vote. We will announce the top voters June first (6/1 or 1/6) and give out rewards by June fifth (6/5 or 5/6)

The winners of our first vote rewards event are:

1) Ogc_hamoodxx

2) iviman

3) kopatropa

Message nc#9078 on Discord to claim your rewards!

8 months ago